The SalmonAID music festival will feature more than 10 live acts. Below are some of the musicians who are committed to preserving wild Pacific salmon populations. Give 'em a listen... then come down to the festival and hear them ROCK!


AlbinoThe SF Music Award-winning ALBINO! is a ten-piece Afrobeat ensemble that honors the fiery legacy of Nigerian musical revolutionary Fela Kuti. ALBINO's high-energy grooves and explosive stage show thick with hypnotic percussion, a heavy horn section, African dance, outrageous costumes, and infectious group choreography have firmly established the band as the West Coast's premier Afrobeat act.

According to the SF Weekly, "ALBINO's ass-inspiriting percussive engine comes from a rhythm section of local all-stars; together, they form rhythms based in the West African tradition which holds at its heart the inseparable union of drumming and dance. Atop the band's rhythmic maelstrom ride tightly figured five-part horn lines. The section's 'heavy heavy' bottom end features a snarling dual baritone-sax yawp. This is world music that lives up to the name."

Mitch Woods & Big Easy Boogie

Mitch WoodsPianist/vocalist Mitch Woods brings together an unsung inner circle of Rock ’n’ Roll royalty in his latest project, Mitch Woods’ Big Easy Boogie. Featuring some of New Orleans’ legends including original members of the Fats Domino band, Herb Hardesty and the Blue Monday Horns, and Jimmy Moliere on guitar, the sound is true to the roots New Orleans R&B. It is vintage rock’ n’ roll and boogie inspired by New Orleans piano greats Fats Domino, Professor Longhair, and Little Richard, performed in Mitch’s joyous entertaining style that makes you feel like you are not only in the audience but on stage with him having a ball! Whether it is a pounding piano pumper, a Mardi Gras mambo, or a moody late night blues with cascading piano and sultry sax, Mitch Woods’ Big Easy Boogie will delight all lovers of New Orleans music.

The Zydeco Flames

Zydeco served HOT! The West Coast's Premier Zydeco Band.

Captain Mike and The Sea Kings

The West Coast's ONLY Blues Musician who is also a commercial fisherman! Unemployed and ROCKIN HARD!



It was in the basement artist dressing room of B.B. Kings Blues Lounge in New York City that the sap of this project began seeping out into the universe. Founding members Timm Walker and Ian Lamson, after yet another memorable performance as members of the Elvin Bishop Band, were both mesmerized by the energy and anticipation by a now completely different audience to see the upcoming act, Ivan Neville. And when the music began, they both were transformed by the spirit and energy of the funk they heard. "It was rejuvenating and captivating. At the same time it was a little saddening because I was hearing the music of my roots but had no present project that allowed me to really funk," says bass player Timm Walker. "It was fun running into my buddy Skeric (who was playing sax for Ivan) and hangin out with Dumpstaphunk. It just felt like coming home. I knew it would have a profound effect on my thinking." It would seem it is not at all surprising that both Lamson and Walker subsequently left the Elvin Bishop Band and formed their own project. The likely choice of drummers, William Allums, also of Louisiana rooting, and having played with Walker for more than fifteen years with Zydeco Flames, eagerly joined the group and the team soon began on the journey toward greater funk. With the additions of fabulous lead vocalist Keith Brown, the sexy sax of Brian Copeland, and last but certainly not least, the versatile and talented Scott MacGill on keys, this group has the makings of a really special unit. Let it be known that in the years to come Beaufunk will be a formidable player in the traditions of New Orleans and Oakland funk.

Saul Kaye

Saul's songs and live shows take the listener on a journey from the heart on to the dance floor.


The 808 Band

The 808 Band is a collective of the Bay Area's dopest musicians performing original break-based compositions.




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