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Meet the Team

Mike Hudson
Executive Director

Commercial salmon fisherman, president of Small Boat Commercial Salmon Fishermens' Association (SBCSFA)

Mike Hudson hails from the "famous" commercial fishing port of Berkeley, CA. He spends the summers chasing wild Pacific salmon and tuna, which his lovely wife Yvette sells at local Farmers' Markets. His winters are spent at fisheries' meetings, instigating groups such as SalmonAid, catching crabs, playing the blues with his band & doing jobs as electrician, boatwright and carpenter (among other things). His favorite pastime is loading up the BBQ with 1/2 ton of Salmon bellies & fixing a pretty mean cocktail in his backyard we don't know how he makes time for all of this, but somehow he seems to manage

Jon Rosenfield, PhD

Conservation Ecologist
The Bay Institute of San Francisco

Jon Rosenfield is a research scientist and relentless advocate for wild salmon, steelhead, and other native fish species. As conservation ecologist for The Bay Institute of San Francisco, Jon participates in numerous collaborations and policy arenas to ensure that conservation science is integrated into water management policy. He believes there are solutions to the precipitous decline in west coast salmon populations and he believes the time to implement those solutions is running out.

Sara Randall

Project Director for Institute For Fisheries Resources (IFR).

Born and raised in a small village on the coast of Maine, Sara has been working to promote and protect sustainable fisheries and traditional coastal communities for the past seven years. She is the Program Director for the Institute for Fisheries Resources, where she oversees the Institute’s programs that establish alliances among fishing men and women, government agencies, and concerned citizens to protect fish populations and restore aquatic habitats.In 2004, after seeing fishing men and women frustrated by their lack of a national voice, Sara was inspired to help create a national coalition of fishermen, the Commercial Fishermen of America (CFA). As a national organizer for CFA, Sara works to bring fishermen together to address problems facing the fishing community. She was appointed by the State of California to serve on a committee to improve maritime safety in San Francisco bay following an oil spill in 2007.

Joseph Bogaard

Secretary, Save Our Wild Salmon

Joseph has worked for Save Our Wild Salmon since the mid-1990s. As Outreach Director, he spends his time collaborating with the coalition partners to educate the public and build support in Congress for lasting solutions to restore healthy, self-sustaining, harvestable populations of wild salmon and steelhead in the Columbia basin. Joseph first got hooked on wild salmon in southeast Alaska where he spent a summer working in the fishing industry and exploring the coast. Before joining the SOS team, Joseph taught and labored in the mountains across the West. Today, Joseph lives outside Seattle with his wonderful wife Amy and two children Liesl and Jeremiah.

Kenny Belov

Fish. Restaurant and Fish or Cut Bait

Innokenty Belov was born in Moscow, Russia in 1976. His family moved to the United States when he was five years old, and at 17 he was introduced to the world of ocean fishing in Florida. After moving to San Francisco in 1996, he left a career in professional photography to develop a new concept in environmentalism—a socially responsible restaurant with a soul focus on sustainability.

Last year, Kenny brought his tremendous passion and generosity to the Food and Beverage [add link to our food and beverage page] offerings of SalmonAID. He insisted that each restaurant providing food at SalmonAID take a pledge that they would never serve farmed salmon again – from this Fish or Cut Bait was born. Kenny now travels around the country educating restaurateurs and their patrons about the benefits of wild salmon and the economic and environmental damage brought about by salmon farming.

In 2004, “Fish.” in Sausalito, California opened its doors. Kenny’s commitment to local fishermen and true sustainability has created a unique entity combining waterfront dining with an ongoing commitment to consumer education about the state of the ocean and the truth behind sustainability.

Kenny and his Wife Eden live in Petaluma, California, with their dog, cat, three chickens, and two children—Isabella and Oliver—whom he has convinced, will still have healthy ocean and fish to eat when they grow up.

Cameron Jaggard

AmeriCorps, Institute for Fisheries Resources

Cameron works at the Institute for Fisheries Resources as part of the AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project. He left his previous job as an environmental consultant with the aim of redirecting his career towards environmental policy reform. According to Cameron, “the problems currently affecting Pacific salmon and coastal communities require swift political action.” “With a unified vision for salmon recovery and water use reform, we can restore fish populations, jobs, and communities.”

Cori Hach

AmeriCorps, Institute for Fisheries Resources

Cori is involved with Salmon Aid through the Institute for Fisheries Resources, where she is serving an Americorps year as a member of the Watershed Stewards Project. Cori grew up surrounded by freshwater streams and rivers in the mountains of Colorado, but became invested in the problems facing anadramous Pacific watersheds when she transplanted to the northwest for college. She is so happy to be a part of this event that honors wild salmon and wild rivers through celebration!

Jessie Raeder

Tuolumne River Trust

Jessie Raeder loves nothing more than signing people up for a cause she believes in, so it was with great excitement that she joined the Trust in September 2008 as the Bay Area Organizer. Jessie cut her teeth organizing clubs on college campuses for the Feminist Majority Foundation, and she has worked on ballot initiative campaigns and voter registration drives in several states. She loves volunteering with environmental organizations, and it was working with the South Yuba River Citizens League on the Source to Sea project that inspired her unlimited enthusiasm for wild rivers and wild salmon. She can't wait to talk with everyone in the Bay Area about their connection to the Tuolumne River. Watch out, or she will get your email address!

Malena Marvin

Klamath Riverkeeper

Malena has a professional background as a community organizer, field biologist, wilderness guide, sea kayaking instructor, and in conservation planning and nonprofit development. Most recently she interned with the Alaska Conservation Foundation and the Southeast Alaska Watershed Council Association, and worked with Nature Conservancy Alaska as a conservation action planner. She holds a Master of Science in Environmental Education from Southern Oregon University (2007), and a BA in History from Reed College (2001). Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Malena is crazy about wild salmon and wild rivers and believes strongly in every river’s inherent right to be clean, wild, and full of fish. Malena is pictured here helping out a commercial salmon fisherman in Yakutat Bay, Alaska. Needs Bio/Picture

Ron Reed

Cultural Biologist, Karuk Tribe of California

Ron Reed is a traditional Karuk dipnet fisherman and cultural biologist in the Fisheries Program of the Karuk Department of Natural Resources. Ron has been an active leader in restoring the Klamath River fishery on local and regional levels and has participated extensively in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission re-license process.

Katherine Cook

Senior Director, Fund Development

Before joining Elder Care Alliance, Katherine served as the Director of Distinguished Giving for the American Cancer Society. She was responsible for securing funding for cancer research primarily at Stanford University. Previous to this position she was the Development Director for International and Area Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. There she promoted the understanding of the dynamics of world societies through academic investigations of regional and global political, economic and cultural systems. Katherine facilitated support from alumni and friends for international teaching programs, research and academic services. Soon she will complete her Master's degree in Non profit Administration at the University of San Francisco.

Ani Kame'enui

Oregon Wild

With experience in water-resource management and environmental education, Klamath Campaign Coordinator Ani Kame’enui is well suited to work for the protection and restoration of the Klamath National Wildlife Refuges. Ani, who joined Oregon Wild in March of 2008, writes Endangered Species Act listing petitions, submits comments to the EPA regarding the Klamath River and the Clean Water Act, helps to develop and secure funding for restoration work for endangered fish, and does a variety of other work in support of the Klamath Basin. Says Ani, “The Klamath Basin is an ecological and political wonder; the opportunity for setting precedent regarding how to appropriately manage natural resources and agriculture is ripe. Oregon Wild’s role there is critical in order to see that management, and negotiation of/for that management, is done to the highest environmental standard possible.”

When not working to protect the Klamath’s resources, the Oregon native loves to be outdoors, exploring mountains, hiking, skiing, gardening, and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

AJ Pell
Event Producer

Owner Peridot Events

AJ is committed to earth stewardship. Her mission is to create and produce inspiring events that balance style and sustainability. AJ is a producer with strong Leadership skills, meticulous planning, and unwavering dedication to get the job done. She is Committed to making conscious choices to create unique events that reflect the values of her clients. She is Passionate about managing events with creative solutions and positivity. Currently AJ collaborates with business owners, artists and music event producers to develop sustainable solutions for large festivals and fundraising events. She works on a freelance basis.

Mona Reilly

Mona Reilly lives in the East Bay working as a muralist, graphic artist and web designer. I guess she really likes salmon and she really likes it WILD!

Jonathan Braden :: ElectricLeaf :: Eco-friendly Web DevelopmentJonathan Braden

Founder/director of ElectricLeaf :: Eco-friendly web development

Jonathan assists SalmonAid remotely from Austin, Texas where he runs an eco-friendly web development team, and was responsible for the new SalmonAid branding for 2009.

Take action to protect and restore wild salmon by clicking here

Board of Advisors

Sig Hansen
Captain F/V Northwestern, featured on Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch

Sig Hansen began fishing at age 14. Sig often left school early for the summer to fish salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska on a salmon gillnetter. Once salmon season ended he would join the Northwestern to fish Blue and Red king crab in Saint Matthews Island and Nome. Occasionally, Sig had the opportunity to fish Mackerel and Cod in Norway during the summer.

After Sig graduated from high school, he began fishing year-round, spending on average 10 months per year in Alaska. At 22, Sig began relieving captains on the Northwestern. This job is known as a "relief skipper." As one of the youngest captains in the fleet he knew he had to either show results or get replaced. Sig opted for results. By 24, Sig began running the Northwester full time.

Charlie Branford
Chef, Local Ocean Seafoods
Newport, OR

Charlie is a seafood specialist that emphasizes on Fresh, total fish utilization and proper preparation (ie leans toward the rare). Daily walks on the docks when Charlie can purchase fresh salmon, rockfish, crab, halibut and other species is one of the highlights of his day. 'I love it- to be able to go right down to the boats and pick out fish that was swimming that day & its about as fresh as you get.  All fish is utilized to the fullest under Charlies command in the kitchen, one of his favorite sayings being 'The fish had to die to get on the plate and we want to use as much of it as possible.  Local Ocean Seafoods

All fresh fish is prepared medium rare at Local Ocean Seafoods with Charlies emphasis on not over cooking truly allowing the guest to appreciate the product.

Big Rick Stuart
KFOG Disc Jockey

Big Rick has been an eastbay Nor Cal boy all his life. He grew up on the Richmond El Cerrito border and went to High School at Salesian High School in Richmond. He went to The University of San Francisco who had a radio station. That is where his radio future got started. Rick lived in just about every neighborhood in San Francisco and now resides in Oakland.

As an avid fisherman, Big Rick keeps a 1969 Uniflite boat at the Alameda Marina for fishing and fun trips on the bay. His personal website is at http://www.bigrick.fm

Dan Bacher
Editor, Fish Sniffer Magazine

Dan Bacher is editor of the Fish Sniffer print magazine and writes for the Fish Sniffer website, www.fishsniffer.com. He is active in the battles to save the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary, bring down the dams on the Klamath River, and to restore California fisheries. He is on the board of “Water 4 Fish” and on the advisory boards of “Restore the Delta” and the “Save the American River Association”. He is a member of the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, the Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project, and numerous other fish restoration and environmental organizations.

Mitch Farro
Salmon restoration specialist

Mitch Farro has been passionate about fish since he began fishing in his teens and spent several years fishing commercially. He was one of the pioneer fishery restorationists on the west coast and blended on-the-ground work with education and public advocacy. In 1991 Mitch started the nonprofit Pacific Coast Fish, Wildlife and Wetlands Restoration Association (PCFWWRA) in McKinleyville, CA. Mitch has also been deeply involved with the legislative process, and is renowned for his understated style, progressive techniques, and holistic approach to watershed and salmonid recovery and restoration.